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Hair & Skin Analyzer Machine in Delhi

A revolution in skin analysing- Detects ingrown hair and help to know the possibility for Hair Loss Treatments and in easy Removal of Unwanted Hair.

To purchase, contact us or visit our store.
Hair & Skin Analyzer Machine in Delhi A revolution in skin analysing- Detects ingrown hair and help to know the possibility for Hair Loss Treatments and in easy Removal of Unwanted Hair. To purchase, contact us or visit our store.
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E-LIGHT / IPL WITH OPT & SHR SYSTEM FOR LASER HAIR REMOVAL INR 350000 INR 300000 Advantage of the machine: 1. Time is short: the first treatment only 20-30 minutes 2. Non-invasive: no trauma to the skin tissue 3. painless: no anesthesia, the treatment only a slight burning sensation 4. No follow-up care: No special postoperative care, immediately after surgery can make 5. No Side Effects: No physical or chemical treatment of adverse reactions 6. The effect is stable: the equivalent of more than ten times otherwise effect 7. Security: E light system is a combination of high-tech optics medicine and human biological engineering technology, change the past, wrinkles And rejuvenation way, deep wrinkles, high safety factor, no pigmentation. True 1477122994
Diode Laser Hair Removal Beauty Machine
Diode Laser Hair Removal Beauty Machine INR 700000 INR 630000 Following Features of diode laser hair removal beauty machine : 1: The best laser wavelength Terminator hair removal machine laser wavelength of 808nm near-infrared absorption of melanin is the best, which can act on different parts of the hair follicle and depth of organization, to achieve effective removal of any human body parts and depth of the hair. 2. Long laser pulse Terminator hair removal machine laser pulse time is 5 milliseconds to 350 milliseconds, adjustable, depending on the hair to impose an effective treatment, and truly permanent hair removal! 3. No pigmentation, suitable for all skin types Terminator technology using penetrating deeper, the laser will be absorbed by the skin greatly reduced and thus does not produce colored sink. 4. Sapphire contact cooling system, making the treatment safer, no harm to the skin. Terminator semiconductor laser hair removal machine sapphire contact cooling system to ensure that the highest energy in the use of medical treatment, while not harming normal skin. Contact cooling system allows patients to receive treatment under the greater pressure will not damage the skin. Reported data show that this pressure can be increased by 30% -40% of the light. T808 Terminator using the most advanced cooling technology to enable patients to feel safe in the treatment process, and comfortable. 5. Square big spot hair removal treatment can accelerate the speed. True 1477126956
E-LIGHT + ND YAG LASER DOUBLE SCREEN WITH TWO CLIENT TREATMENT AT A TIME INR 450000 INR 405000 Elight03 Elight IPL Laser Elight(IPL&RF) hair removal,freckles removal,skin care Bipolar RF for weight lose,cellulite reduction,wrinkles removal and skin care 1320nm,1064nm,532nm ND:YAG laser for tattoo removal and skin care. Double operation screen:8.4"TFT true colorful touch screen+5.1" LCD screen, which could work together,easy to operate. CPC connector of instant plug and play,very easy to install and operate Modular design of inner structure,which makes it work more stable Use this equipment,operator can treat nearly all kinds of skin problems True 1477128854
ND YAG Q SWITCH LASER FOR ALL TYPE OF TATTOO INR 250000 INR 225000 Heavy Duty Tattoo Removal Laser supports effective removal of all type of tattoo mark just in few sittings. The treatment plan involves targeting pulses of light emitted from laser to tattoo that helps in breaking up tattoo pigment. This laser support system is also effective in treating of dark tattoo inks like black, blue and green. Some of its advantages include easy administering process, allows for simple handling of controls for switching between wavelengths, come with minimal risk of side effects, powerful pulse which helps in breaking tattoo ink without harming surrounding skin tissues. True 1477130794
ADVANCE PROFESSIONAL BEAUTY MACHINE WITH 9 WORLD LATEST PROBES INR 120000 INR 108000 It is a noninvasive radio frequency tretch marks removal. Skin rejuvenation. skin tightening of sagging skin. Wrinkle removal around eyes,nose, forehead, mouth, neck, hand etc. Body contouring. What is 20MHZ RF Body Contouring Face Lifting System ? It is a noninvasive radio frequency therapy that transforms skin by working below the skin surface. Radio frequency energy penetrates deep into skin tissue, heating the treatment areas and stimulating the formation of new collagen. The benefits are of tightening of sagging skin, wrinkle removal, skin smoothing and body slimming . Why choose 20MHZ RF ? 1.The most famous and advance technology of 20MHz radiofrequency, really different the traditional radio frequency 2.Effective treatment result after the first treatment instant, radiofrequency energy can penetrates deep skin tissue and achieves instant good treatment result 3.The good treatment result can last for 1-2years 4.Non-invasive treatment, safe and no side effect 5.Super comfortable during the whole treatment, never happen electric shock caused by the improper operation of traditional RF 6.Quick treatment, greatly shorten the treatment time 7.Used to facial and body treatments, 3 treatment probes easy anywhere treatment Features 1.No syringe, no wound, no side effect 2.Quick and good treatment effective 3.Larger areas can be treated 4.Patients can shorten Treatment interval 5.Patients can return to normal activities sooner True 1477131553
3D SKIN ANALYZER WITH UV ANALYZING SYSTEM FOR DEEP CT SCANNING INR 100000 INR 90000 Skin Analyzer System is one of the most advanced system on detecting facial skin problems and analysis, also called “Skin CT”. which is using the RGB and UV spectrum technology, can precious and manual analysis the density and number of pigment, pores and wrinkle, acne, if skin is lack of moisture and evenness, and also can detect the extent of damaged and analysis that bad quality cosmetics, ultraviolet or sunlight etc. True 1477132862
Microdermabrasion INR 18000 INR 16200 MicroDermabrasion machine - Crystal Peeling is the latest method in skin rejuvenation. Different from many other chemical exfoliations available today, it is a dry exfoliation method that is safe to use on many parts of the body including the face area. Exfoliation is commonly known as the removal of dead skin cells. The MicroDermabrasion is ideal for all who seeks a healthier and younger looking skin. True 1477133098
Hair & skin analyzer
Hair & skin analyzer INR 65000 INR 64350 BRIEF INTRODUCTION: High-definition skin detector, beautiful appearance, easy to carry, ultra-thin design, more sophisticated. Test the problems of skin and hair, such as the skin moisture, elasticity, oil, blackheads, and freckles 1. Analysis of the skin (oily, dry, neutral), and nutritional status of damaged hair 2. With software, easy to operate, through the coaxial cold light around the lens light guide, automatic supply of the best lighting, the skin test is more professional, the effect more clearly. MAIN FUNCTIONS: 1. Highly clear image, light design 2. Come with a package, easy to carry 3. Magnifying lens 50x, 200x (50x lens) Detect the nature of skin and the day-to-day symptoms, such as: skin texture, texture, black acne, pigments sore . (200x lens) Detect the nature of hair and the day-to-day symptoms, such as: plugging hair follicles, excess secretion grease , bacterial infection, and so on. 4. The most convenient and economic hand-held beauty device on the market 5. Can analyze the style of skin exactly, in order to take care of our skin SKIN DETECTION DESCRIPTION: 1.50X lens: the nature of the skin test and daily show symptoms. 1. General skin: leather trench thickness varies irregularly shaped 2. Dry skin: leather trench fine texture than the clutter 3. Oily skin: fine pores; oily texture is not obvious 4. Aging skin: texture disappeared mostly in one direction 5. Acne-type skin: sebum accumulation in the pores 6. Sensitive skin: The skin is thin, prone to stimulate micro vascular expansion 7. Face gown type skin: sebum accumulation in the pores, inflamed by bacterial infection, causing purulent 8. Pigmented skin: hyper pigmentation, gathered into a patchy 2.200X lens: detection of the nature of hair and daily show symptoms, such as hair follicles clogging / excessive oil secretion / bacterial infection. HEALTHY HAIR TESTING DESCRIPTION: 1. the health characteristics of hair: black, soft, smooth and shiny 2. Damage to healthy hair factors: excessive use of stereotypes liquid, the use of hair dye or perm chemicals, excessive exposure to ultraviolet rays, environmental pollution and severely punished, malnutrition. DETAILS: Use world 's leading 12mm lens zoom, iris test inspection, and the iris of the corresponding reflex areas, specific response the health status of skin and hair . Still image function design. Live image motivates clients to act on problem areas. Luxurious LCD screen display the skin status directly on the LSD screen. 50*lens detect the nature of skin: skin texture, black acne, pigment sore,etc.. 200*lens detect the nature of hair: plugging hair follicles, excess secretion grease, bacterial infection, etc.. Through the lens around the optical coaxial cold light source, automatic supply the best light on skin detection. Skin and hair symptom card compares symptom. True 1477133460
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